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The music of the 90s. All of it.

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“We usually have a problem getting people up front…that was not the case with Gen X Jukebox! You had them dancing and singing the second song!”

Kendall K.

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“This is the best 90s show I have ever seen - the songs, the costumes, all amazing!”

Greg B.

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“I have never seen a live band do a better version of that song in my life...!"

Lisa N.

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“This is really fun - you play all of my favorite songs!!”

Amanda S.

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"You guys are so, so much more that I expected or could have hoped for..."

Deborah L.

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“I never wanted to take a bathroom break because every song they played was my favorite!”

Kara M.


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June 2022


June 2022

Gen X Jukebox Promo Reel

Spring 2022





Gen X Jukebox is a high-energy stage performance that delivers everything you love about the 1990s in one incredible show! We invite you to relive the last great decade in music with us.


The show includes all of the radio hits (pop, dance, rap, hip-hop, rock, grunge and country) from the 1990s in full costume. Characters like Courtney Love, Scary Spice, Britney Spears, Marky Mark and Garth Brooks all make appearances.


Every song is a feel-good 1990s gem. Sing along with us and rock out to the best tunes from this incredible era for music. Come see for yourself why everyone is talking about this hot new show! 1990s Fun awaits you!

All the music of the 1990s.

In one high-energy show.


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